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jungti experiment no 1

jungti experiment no 1



held on 29 December 2019 and 7 & 8 August 2020

In this attempt, we began our current exploration of the relationship between body and digital space. Asking how the membrane of the screen permits us to come into contact with what’s on the other side.


The screen is an object with its own comprehension of us. In this meeting point, how are our movements and actions understood and misunderstood? We approach each other, study, make assumptions, find the boundaries of our relationship. 


Stimulated by bodily sounds and text, we asked participants to move their bodies as cursors across this landscape, creating images that express their interactions.

sound for Yaga Gathering installation

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In order to participate, you will need a computer, webcam, an app for drawing (e.g. Paint), and headphones.

  1. download NPointer, which will allow you to control the movement of the cursor with the gestures of your body. Please study the instructions that come in the download folder to familiarise yourself with how to use it. here is a photo of the settings to use.

  2. download sounds from experiment 1(1) from Google Drive, or use the sound above from experiment 1(2).


  1. begin by closing your eyes and touching your hands. try to create an image in your mind based on the information you receive from the sensation of touch. with every contact, add more detail to this image. think about the colour of your hands in this image. what colour are they today? once you have a solid picture in your mind, move towards the inside of your hands, what colour is in there? take note of these 2 colours.

  2. in your drawing app, start with a blank canvas that’s large enough to cover the whole screen. fill the background of the canvas with your INSIDE colour, by selecting and adjusting the colour options.

  3. change the primary drawing colour to your OUTSIDE colour, and select a brush/pen from the available options.

  4. begin listening to the sounds.

  5. launch NPointer, and when you’re on the canvas, select ‘LD’ by hovering on this option for a few seconds. you’ll now be able to draw on the canvas with your body.

  6. spend as much time as you wish moving in front of the screen to the sounds. experiment with what feels right; sitting down, standing up, close, distant, slow, fast. think about how you’re both understanding each other in this conversation.

  7. when you’re done, stop and hover on the option ‘Off’ to finish drawing.

Please send us the images you create by e-mailing