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jungti experiment no 4



objects continuously vibrating at different frequencies. aligned, skewed and in between. encountering and distancing. flowing to the music of eleventh dimension strings playing the particles of bodies. here in this space together and everywhere simultaneously. endlessly overlapping. exerting and absorbing each other.

waves crashing into each other with purpose.

waves move not seeking interactions, but once they happen they take them in, allowing for connection, without excessive curiosity, but rather welcoming attitude

they weave themself with the other, two bodies connecting, colliding in a sphere of endless paths and crossings

birthing of by-products occurs and they start to vibrate themselves, a sign of life, like the first scream of a child

“Living beings are vibrational beings: vibration is their way of differentiating, expanding and enjoying the forces of the earth.” Elizabeth Grosz (translation of a translation).


events: 16th January

jungti experiment no 4 is our exploration of connecting bodies using sound. in the performance, we will try to align the vibrations of our bodies, translated digitally into waves that will collide in the space around us. we’re interested in the interference produced by this meeting of waves. constructive and destructive.

the performance will be live-streamed on vimeo through a link shared in the above event 30 minutes before the start of the performance.