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collaboration with Iga Maria Szczepańska as nowykalba

“jungti” (lithuanian: to connect) is an ongoing performance as research project that began in December 2019. In its current stage, it is a series of experiments, or attempts, to overcome digital distances and find ways to have meaningful bodily connections online.

The screen therefore becomes a translator, membrane, and landscape; we move on it and through it. With each attempt, the nature of this barrier and the tools to try and overcome it, change. Whether image, text or sound; the particles, ideas and waves already touch us. How can we then reframe this mediatised meeting place as an embrace?

Our need to do this project is underpinned by a desire to move beyond physical borders. Climate change, rising nationalism and our current situation, finds us stationary in the image of a flowing, global society offered by the internet. When the image is all that remains, having eaten the reality it stems from, where does that leave our interconnectedness? This is why we are trying to reimagine what part these digital spaces and the internet can play in human connection.

This project is funded by the Lithuanian Culture Council and being made in association with galerija101 in Kaunas, Lithuania.